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It was created in 1979 under the name of ALBO Agency, its director and founder was José Rómulo FAMÁ. Since its inception, the organization was dedicated to private investigations, custody and surveillance.
In 1995, José Rómulo FAMÁ obtained a membership of the World Association of Detectives (WAD). This allowed us to work with other global institutions. For the successes achieved both at national and international levels, we have continued with Estudio FAMA, specializing in the insurance market and private investigations in general. We currently work with the most relevant companies in our country.


We provide the best information service to improve the quality of decisions taken by all insurance companies, both commercially and for losses incurred.
The current situation requires that insurers take all the necessary steps for greater control of claims and policyholders.
That is why, given the knowledge acquired in the market, we offer our assistance as a great value for financial institutions.